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How The Actual Educational System Feeds Inequality

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The best universities in the world are also the most expensive. Graduating from one of these universities give you the chance to be recruited by top companies and then to earn a salary far beyond average. But how do you get the money to enter these universities in the first place? Your talent isn’t enough. You need to have the necessary amount of money in your bank account to pay the tuition fees and the living costs. As a result, only young people whose parents are already rich get the best chances to study in these universities, and therefore get the best chances to earn the most competitive salaries in the world. In conclusion we could definitely say that the system is designed to make rich people get richer, and to decrease the chances of… let’s say,  less “fortunate” individuals. The system is designed to feed and increase inequality on the planet. Don’t simply reply to me by saying this is how things work. No, this is what a few people have decided, and what the majority has accepted. We are co-creators of this reality. Many want their children to be part of the elite entering this kind of institution. So what? Is success just reserved for the elite? We all play a part in this by blindly accepting the actual system unaware of the power that we all have. Every time I have this kind of discussion with friends I always get this answer: “This is how things work.” However I don’t believe in fatality. What has been created by humans can be changed by humans.



A closer look at the law of cause and effect



If we have a closer look at our world, you’ll notice that the universe is always seeking balance. Winds move from higher pressure areas to lower pressure areas in order to compensate the differential pressure between the two zones. Look at the migrant crisis. Why do you think all these people are leaving their countries? They want a better life, they want to survive. This is simply a result of the inequality observed on this planet. The more imbalance we create on Earth the more chaos we are going to experience because of the natural tendency the Universe has to seek balance. We sometimes refer to this as karma. In the past, the African continent has been invaded by white people coming especially from Europe. Because of the law of cause and effect (or karma), Europe experiences today major phenomenons like migrant crisis. Actions have consequences. And this inequality that the educational system has created for so long, also creates another sort of chaos. How? Pretty simple.


What the hell is going on with the educational system ?


First of all a lot of young people don’t even go to university because of the crazy tuition fees. What do you think this young people will do with their lives? Don’t get me wrong there is always an exception but for the majority they’re going to be in serious trouble, and could easily spread these troubles in their surroundings. Chaos! Okay so now let’s talk about those who are able to obtain a loan to study in the University. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how they suffer to actually repay the loan (for the most successful ones). With all the interest rates it is a very complicated task. And what happen when you’re not able to pay your loan in time? You get it. Chaos!!

cycling. And we also have to consider the amount of stress someone experiences while trying to pay off these debts. But this is another subject. I cannot pretend that I know all the causes responsible for creating chaos but what I DO know is that inequality is among them and we have the power to change that. What about raising awareness on this subject? There is still a minority doing this. A  global consciousness shift is what we need. We have to value ourselves and learn how to redirect our intentions to the things which really matter for us. Of course it will take time. But don’t you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in the world with more fairness and equality? A world where your birthplace doesn’t considerably diminish your chances of success? A world where everyone gets equal chances to thrive in life? Personally, that’s what I want. And as an advocate of positive change, I believe and repeat that, the time is NOW.



Why should a good education be exclusive to rich kids? Schools in low-income neighborhoods across the US, specifically in communities of color, lack resources that are standard at wealthier schools — things like musical instruments, new books, healthy school lunches and soccer fields —