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Can We Better Define What We Mean By “Success”

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What’s going on with this thing we call <<Success>>?

One of the biggest mistake that people make is to think that the definition of success is the same for everybody. Everyone does not want to become a billionaire. Everyone does not fantasize on the fact of living in a very big house. Everyone does not feel attracted by luxury cars. I know many people who just want to live a simple life. What I find strange is the fact that they receive blames from their peers because they are seen as not being ambitious enough. My viewpoint regarding this kind of issue is pretty simple. The main thing is that everyone is different and everyone has his own priorities. We should respect that. It is this kind of difference which makes our world a beautiful place to live in. What would happen if everyone wanted to become a president? And nobody wanted to become a baker? No more bread?? Fortunately there are some people who want to become president, others want to be farmers, plumbers, engineers and so on. Success isn’t necessarily linked to your profession though. It’s more about your personal, genuine feelings. Once again we are all different. You don’t know what lies in someone’s heart.


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How do I define success then?

My definition of success is a little bit different than the one our society has. I think that a successful person is someone who is able to live an authentic life aligned with his values and heart wishes. I insist on HEART wishes because they aren’t ego driven, but Soul driven. I really wonder how people assess your level of success based on external factors. Oh don’t get me wrong. I am fully aware that external factors can largely contribute to our overall happiness. However I’m also aware that true happiness comes from within. Anyway I will not talk for others I can only talk for myself. I enjoy simplicity but I won’t say no to luxury. I enjoy the feeling of laying down on the grass and just watching the stars in the sky. But I also like beautiful cars. The most important thing for me is to find inner peace and to live in harmony with the people I love. I want to be really free of the choices I make. And one way to leave this reality is to become free of money issues or in other words financially free. I am working on it. But once again I am talking for myself. And you? What are you working on?


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