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The Inner Quest: How To Discover Your True Self?

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What is my purpose in life? That’s the famous question I’ve been asking myself for years. I’ll go straight to the point and share my perspective. I believe that our purpose in life is to discover who we are and to live in alignment with our true essence. That’s not an easy task however. Since birth our brains have been bombarded by social norms and popular beliefs. The society has trained us to judge ourselves and others based on what is defined as acceptable or not. So it’s pretty easy to end up lost in this process, to feed thoughts which are not even ours. How can we discover our true nature then? Below are some elements we definitely need in our arsenal in order to answer this question.


Deeply express the desire to find your true self

I call it intention or desire. It literally means that you MUST want to discover who you are. The choice is yours. You have to clearly set this intention, either through a prayer or during a meditation.

Listen to yourself

That’s another important step. Listening to yourself implies developing your intuition. It requires periods of stillness. A noisy mind simply can’t allow insights to arise. Walk in nature, listen to relaxing music, practice meditation, yoga or qigong, etc. There are many ways for you to enter this state of mindfulness where you can actually listen to yourself with more clarity.

Don’t hesitate to explore different horizons

In order to find something, you have to look for it, you have to explore. You therefore need an open mind, and try new things. Be a wanderer! Read more, educate yourself, be curious.

Practice non-judgment

This is probably one of the most difficult things to do: practicing non-judgement. During the exploration phase, you might feel drawn to elements you resonate with, but that you see as “abnormal”. Therefore, it is possible that you try to run away from it, because you want to be “normal”. In other words, you are judging yourself. Judgement and guilt carry with them very low frequencies which will definitely prevent your true self from emerging. I am not asking you to do things you REALLY FEEL are not aligned with yourself. I am asking you to reflect and not let fear be the master of your decisions.

Put fear aside, be courageous

If you want to discover your true nature, my dear, courage needs to be among your strengths. You must have the courage to explore the unknown and be non-judgmental. Moreover, you must have the courage to face the critics of friends, family members, or even perfect strangers. The majority of people just stay inside their comfort zone, even if they don’t really feel comfortable inside. Why is that? Well, it’s something they know, something “safe”. And from my experience, this kind of people are EXPERTS at criticizing those who dare, those who question the world, those who look for answers. Be brave. If you wait for the approval of your peers to follow this path, you could wait your entire life.


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