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5 Excuses Keeping Us From Making a Career Change

*Forgiveness is important. Thank you for forgiving my mistakes. English is not my native language. But I’m getting better*
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I know a lot of people who are not happy at all with their current job. They feel stuck, and that sucks. This is a feeling that I really understand. I have been there, and to be honest, I keep visiting the “stuck zone” from time to time. I have had a discussion with some friends who were in the same situation. Apparently they were thinking of making a career change. But they have been thinking of it for YEARRS!! When I asked them why they kept postponing this decision, this is what I’ve heard:

1. I am too old: Well, it’s true that if you are a 70 years old man, and want to start a football career, you-might-effectively be too old. However, for the majority, the change isn’t that DRASTIC. Do you know Andrea Bocelli? I’m sure you know him as a singer. But he had a law degree from the University of Pisa, and worked as a defense attorney until the age 34, when he left his job to sing full time. Here is an article with even more examples of people who prove that this first excuse is often, JUST an excuse.

2. I don’t have enough talent: Ok, if you really think that, pause a moment and listen to me. Do you know what happens when a baby is learning how to walk? First he crawls. Then he tries to stand up, but fails. He fails once, twice, again and again, but keeps trying. How many adults do you see crawling on the streets? (I hope none, otherwise, you shoud call the nearest Mental Health Center). I will consider you replied “None” to the previous question. That means after several failures, the baby has finally been able to walk. Nothing comes easy. If you think you don’t have enough talent, then educate yourself, take in person or online classes, find a mentor, read, keep practicing. If you are passionate about the subject and follow the previous tips, YOU’LL ROCK.

3. It’s too risky: This one is tricky. It’s tricky because I’ve always had difficulties putting risks into categories such as Low, Medium and High. I am aware that Risk Management is a field with plenty of tools to deal with that. But I keep struggling. Nevertheless, there is something I know. If I get stuck in a job I don’t like for years, it will weaken my health, I’ll get more anxious, resentment will take place and I’m sure that Mr. Regret will join the party. Therefore, I think it’s even riskier NOT TO ACTIVELY work for a career change.

4. I don’t have enough time: That’s true. I get it. We are all so busy nowadays, with the pressure of the corporate world and so on. But if you don’t have enough time, you know what, YOU SHOULD FIND THE TIME. It’s simple, you have two options. Either you don’t find the time, and keep complaining, with no possibility to improve your life; OR you DO find the time and start creating your better future. Decrease social media time, listen to audio books, tell your friends you won’t really be available for a while because you work on personal projects, etc. There are many possibilities for you to use your time more wisely. Have a look at these 8 tips for effective time management.

5. What if I fail: My answer to this one is “What if you succeed”. The fear of failure shouldn’t be more powerful than the desire to succeed. I’ve already spoken about mistakes in a previous article. No Excuses!!

Don’t rush, success is like a fashion diva in a shopping center. It takes its time.


How to Make a Big Career Change When You’re Afraid You’ll Fail

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