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How Journaling Has Helped Me With Depression

*Forgiveness is important. Thank you for forgiving my mistakes. English is not my native language. But I’m making progress*
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Depression has been part of my life for several years now. If you have never experienced it, chances are you won’t really understand what it is about. It brought me to a point where I had lost interest in almost everything. I was always tired, had lost appetite and days seemed longer and longer. I could cry for hours. I was questioning my presence on this planet, and I remember that I sometimes wanted to sleep and never wake up. I don’t know where the courage of researching about depression came from. But that’s what I did. I have watched TED Talks, read dozen of articles about this topic. I was even starting to find this process exciting (excitement and me had broken up for what seemed like an eternity). I understood that I was not the only one dealing with depression issues. According to the World Health Organization, at the end of the year 2017, 300 million people around the world had depression. That’s BIG ! As I kept reading, I noticed that there was something that had helped people before, and was recommended by mental health experts. Remember the title of this post? Yes, this tool was Journaling.

So what is journaling?

According to the psychologist Raychelle C. Lohmann, journaling is a vehicle of emotional exploration, a way to channel difficult feelings into healthy and creative outcomes. You will find more about her thoughts here. The fact of keeping my feelings unexpressed was actually feeding my depression. Therefore you can understand how journaling has helped me with that. I was able to direct my energy towards the writing process. As I was looking for words, expressions to describe how I felt, I became more aware. And apparently, an increased awareness strengthens our mental health. This is also why I have decided to start this blog. I had this idea that, rather than keeping my thoughts and feelings for myself, maybe I could share them with people. Perhaps someone will get inspired as I did by others.  So this blog is a kind of therapy for me. Below are some resources I have found helpful. It’s important to keep in mind that journaling isn’t the ULTIMATE weapon against depression. It has to be done in a particular way to be effective.


Journaling for Depression


How Journaling Can Help With Depression

How Writing in a Journal Helps Manage Depression

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